The Arizona Captive Insurance Association (AzCIA) was formed as an Arizona non-profit corporation on March 2, 2001. AzCIA was the first Association in Arizona of its kind formed specifically to support, promote, foster and market Arizona as an attractive and competitive captive insurance domicile by providing education and networking opportunities for those who operate within the captive insurance industry.

To this end, the AzCIA was involved early on in the development of Arizona's captive-enabling legislation, Title 20, Chapter 4, Article 14 of Arizona's Revised Statutes. This legislation, sponsored by Rep. Ted Carpenter, and enthusiastically supported by both the AzCIA and the Arizona Department of Insurance, has paved the way for a stable and progressive captive environment in Arizona.

About UCIA

The Utah Captive Insurance Association is a not-for-profit Association. The Association seeks to promote all alternative market mechanisms and services both in the United States and internationally and to increase the visibility of Utah as a center and domicile for alternative risk financing entities, activities and facilities.

The objective of the Association is to provide information and education to Association members and others interested in the concept of alternative risk financing for existing risks not adequately served by the commercial insurance industry.

According to the provisions of the Utah Insurance Code, and understanding the authority granted under the Utah Captive Law, it is clear that the regulation of captives in Utah will permit the organization and operation of captive entities and alternative risk transfer options, and will provide a business-like common sense approach to any and all parties requesting approval of a formal facility to manage the risks of business owners, individually or as a group. The flexibility and responsiveness of the Utah Captive regulators will be friendly and thorough after reasonable and professional considerations.

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