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2017 Program Details

Lunch Buffet: New Science of Decision Making
Presenter: William B. Tayler, Ph.D., CMA


    New scientific research has revealed fascinating insights into how we think and how even the most experienced and accomplished decision makers unknowingly fall prey to predictable, systematic judgment biases. These insights are now finding their way into mainstream literature (such as the recent books Nudge, Blink, and Thinking, Fast and Slow) and into popular business journals. Indeed, phrases like "cognitive dissonance," "loss aversion," and "motivated reasoning," are becoming part of the common business vernacular and are essential concepts for successful leaders at all levels. And thanks to decades of research in economics, organizational behavior, and cognitive psychology, the art of professional judgment is becoming more and more of a science, meaning that the concepts and skills needed to lead others using consistently superior professional judgment and decision making skills can be learned and applied more quickly and efficiently than ever before. In this session, Bill Tayler will introduce a simple, yet powerful model for consistently making high-quality judgments, and will identify and illustrate systematic biases and errors that can affect the judgment and decision making of even the most seasoned, experienced professionals.
William B. Tayler, Ph.D., CMA
William B. Tayler, Ph.D., CMA
Bill is an internationally renowned, award-winning researcher on the judgment and decision making of accounting and business professionals. He has presented his research as an invited speaker at universities and scientific conferences across the globe. Bill earned his Ph.D. and master's degrees in management at Cornell University and his master's and bachelor's degrees in accountancy at Brigham Young University. He is a professor at Brigham Young University's School of Accountancy, one of the top ranked accounting programs in the world, as well as in BYU's Executive MBA program. Bill has also taught at Cornell University and Emory University, and has received multiple teaching awards. Bill is a Certified Management Accountant specializing in performance measurement, the assignment of decision rights, and incentive compensation. His work has been published in top research journals, including Accounting Horizons, Accounting, Organizations and Society, The Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting Research, Journal of Behavioral Finance, Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, and Strategic Finance. Bill currently serves on the editorial boards of The Accounting Review, Management Accounting Research, and Accounting, Organizations, and Society, and as a director of the Institute of Management Accountants Research Foundation.

Daily Schedule of Events for May 2017

Monday, May 22nd
  9:00am - 5:00pmExhibitor Set Up
  7:30am - 12:00pm
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Registration/Onsite Office Open
  8:00am - 3:00pmOffsite Activities - Golf, Olympic Park Visit
  5:00pm - 6:00pmAnnual Association Meetings:
AzCIA Annual Membership Meeting
UCIA Annual Membership Meeting
MOCIA Annual Membership Meeting
  6:00pm - 7:30pmWelcome Reception with Exhibitors
Tuesday, May 23rd
  8:00am - 5:00pmExhibit Booths Open
  7:30am - 4:00pmRegistration
  8:00am - 8:45amBreakfast Buffet
  9:00am - 10:00amKeynote Session - Guest Speaker: Clark Whitworth, CEO of Larry Miller Group
  10:00am - 10:15amBreak
Sponsored by Imperial PFS
  10:15am - 11:30amTrack A - Actuary Methodologies

Track B - Sharing Economy
  11:30am - 1:00pmLunch Buffet - New Science of Decision Making
Sponsored by Larson & Company
  1:00pm - 2:15pmGeneral Session - Policy and Politics: Impacts on ERC Captives
  2:15pm - 2:30pmBreak
Sponsored by Active Captive Management
  2:30pm - 3:45pmTrack A - Captive Best Practices

Track B - How Have I Used My Captive - Featuring Captive Owners
  3:45pm - 4:00pmBreak
  4:00pm - 5:00pmTrack A - Threats and Best Practices

Track B - Discussion of What Insurance Risk is Under Tax Law
  6:00pm - 10:00pmOff-Site - Dinner/Baseball Game
Wednesday, May 24th
  8:00am - 12:00pmExhibit Booths Open
  8:00am - 8:45amBreakfast Buffet with Exhibitors
  8:45am - 10:15amGeneral Session - The Brightest Opportunities Facing our Industry
  10:15am - 10:30amBreak
Sponsored by Larson & Company
  10:30am - 12:00pmRegulator Round-Up
  12:00pm - 2:00pmExhibitor Take Down
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